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Frequently Asked Questions

How does online shopping work?

Our site works just as many other online “shopping cart” sites work. First choose a category that may interest you. You can always return and choose additional categories. Upon finding an item that may interest you click “more information” this will give specific descriptive information on that particular product. If this is an item you would like to purchase click “ADD TO CART.”  If you want to purchase additional items click “continue shopping” this will return you to the product listing area.

You may at anytime review your purchases by clicking “view cart” by doing this you can review any items you currently are ready to purchase. You may at this time change quantity ordered of any item in your cart. You may also delete any items that you have decided not to purchase. If you are ready to complete your shopping click “checkout.” When you checkout we will request specific information that we may use provided we need to contact you concerning your order. We consider this information very confidential. This information will never be sold to any other company. When you do complete your shopping we will ask for your name, email, phone number, and mailing address. You will also need to provide us with shipping information. We will request your credit card information to complete your transaction. Finally, you will be able to review a summary of your order showing all products ordered. In addition, you will see your billing, shipping information, and all shipping fees that apply to your order. After checking this information for accuracy, click on the "continue" to place your order. You will receive a confirmation of your order via email.

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Having trouble placing an online order?

Should you have any issues when trying to complete a transaction at our site please contact us at We will make every effort to assist you in the quickest possible time.

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How do the organization and the seller/student receive credit for my purchases?

If you were directed to this site via an email from the seller/student all of the credit will be automatically directed to the correct organization and seller/student. More importantly, if you were not directed to this site via an email you will be prompted to enter both the school ID number and the student ID number. If you are a student, the school ID is found on the parent letter and the student ID can be found on the form. If you are a shopper, please contact the student you are sponsoring.

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Will my child receive proper credit for those sales made online?

Yes, your child will receive all credit for those sales made to his/her account which are made online provided the correct school ID number and the correct student ID number were used during the specified sale period. You may at anytime review your child’s online sales by clicking logging into the account you and your child set up at the start of the fund raiser. By checking this report you will also be able to determine the correct prize level your child has achieved. This can be done by adding the online sales to offline sales on your paper order form. To assure that your child receives the correct prize, total the two sales amounts and write your prize choice on the paper order form.

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When merchandise is purchased online where is it shipped to?

All products which are purchased online will be shipped directly to the home. When checking out online the customer has the option of having the merchandise shipped to any  home or business address in the continental US. Orders cannot be shipped to PO boxes.

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Where do I find my Student ID Number?

Your student ID # is found on the three-part order form that came with your brochure packet.

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Where do I find my School Code?

Your School Code is found on the parent letter. This letter gives you all the additional information concerning your sale. It was issued when you received your catalog. Please contact your program organizer if you no longer have your parent letter.

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How many emails are sent to the addresses I enter when I register online?

We will send a total of 2 emails to each address you enter. An initial email will be sent to announce the fundraiser. Approximately 7 days later there will be a second email sent to reminder the recipient of the fund raiser.

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What happens to with my email addresses that I enter when registering?

Outside of the 2 emails we send during the fund raising program, we never send any additional emails to any of the email address that you register with us. We do not sell email addresses. Our email database is automatically deleted twice per year.

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